Nars does gifting so expertly that I wonder whether Christmas was one of the things that inspired her to launch her brand. From cute trinkets, to lip kits and complete looks, to the ultimate Nars fan’s Advent Calendar treasure trove. Nars’s holiday range has been coveted among beauty fanatics, with waitlists amassing up to 40,000 shoppers.Nars Air Matte Lip Color 2020 has it all.

Official Release Date:

November 2020 at NARSSEPHORANORDSTROMSAKSULTAJohn Lewis, SelfridgesDouglasHarrods

Brand Description:

This years range is still a surprise and it is even more exquisite and rich than last year. NARS Air Matte Lip Color has a similar packaging to the new foundation which makes me think of a new makeup range where more products are going to join in the future.Here is the line up!

Air Matte Lip Color – New & Permanent – 7.5 ml

The new line will be available in 10 colors.NARS Air Matte Lip Color is a liquid lipstick with a light texture as if “kissed by the air”.


11 2 - Nars Air Matte Lip Color 202022 2 - Nars Air Matte Lip Color 2020


  • 00031: Pink nude
  • 00033: Rose nude
  • 00035: Mauve
  • 00037: Warm beige
  • 00039: Warm pink
  • 00041: Brick red
  • 00043: Coral
  • 00045: Orange red
  • 00047: Bright Red
  • 00049: Deep red

3 6 - Nars Air Matte Lip Color 2020

2 7 - Nars Air Matte Lip Color 2020


The series products are all sparkling colors, which are suitable for creating gorgeous party makeup.The surprise, joy, and beauty of holiday are expressed with glittering color items. Nars wants to give you a pleasant experience.

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