At Guerlain will soon release a new line of matte lipsticks Kiss Kiss Lipstick Tender Mat. But there is no exact news about the content of it. We will continue to update more details. If you are interested in it, please feel free to check the content update on this page.



Release Date:


Where to buy:

at Guerlain


Due to the large amount of shea butter, they have a texture that glides smoothly over the lips, like airy, whipped butter, giving a soft matte finish. In addition, thanks to the moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid and the rose petal extract, which softens the lips, the lipstick does not cause dryness and vertical wrinkles. The new lipsticks provide a delicate matte finish and a vibrant color and glow from the inside out. Their durability reaches 16 hours. The line will have 15 shades.

Contents and pictures:

  • 214 Romantic Nude;
  • 219 Tender Rose;
  • 258 Lovely Nude;
  • 360 Miss Pink;
  • 520 Sexy Coral;
  • 530 Dreamy Rose;
  • 666 Lucky Pink;
  • 721 Dear Rose;
  • 770 Desire Red;
  • 775 Kiss Rouge;
  • 880 Caress Plum;
  • 885 Gentle Coral;
  • 910 Wanted Red;
  • 940 My Rouge;
  • 999 Eternal Red.

XMR6AI@A614QAFB@RF1S - Guerlain Kiss Kiss Tender Mat Lipstick Spring 2021

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