As previously highlighted in our preview piece, certain Nordstrom cardholders have the privilege to commence their shopping spree as early as July 9th, whereas the public event officially kicks off on July 15th, enabling everyone to partake in the festivities. Similar to orchestrating a well-coordinated celebration, Nordstrom gradually invites its patrons, steadily escalating the anticipation and excitement over time.

The 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is HERE!

Outlined below are the designated entry times for various tiers of Nordstrom shoppers, facilitating your understanding of precisely when you can join in on the retail revelry:

– Nordstrom Icons (cardholders who have expended $15,000 at the retailer within the preceding year): July 9th
– Nordstrom Ambassadors (cardholders who have spent $5,000 at the retailer within the past year): July 10th
– Nordstrom Influencers (cardholders who have invested $500 at the retailer over the last year): July 11th
– General Public: July 15th through August 4th

However, even if immediate access isn’t available to you, there’s no need to wait to curate your wish list! We’ve compiled a selection of over 40 top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which you can explore by clicking on the links below to navigate directly to your preferred category, or simply peruse the entire assortment to discover everything Nordstrom has in store for this summer season. Whether you’re in search of the latest fashion trends, timeless wardrobe staples, or must-have beauty products, our curated guide will help you make the most of this highly anticipated annual sale.

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