Épices Exquises by Guerlain is the newest addition to the Oriental collection Les Absolus d’Orient by Guerlain for 2022.

The oriental collection of the French house Guerlain, Les Absolus d’Orient, was presented in 2014 with the first fragrance, Santal Royal.

Several creations followed: Bois Mysterieux, Cuir Intense, Encens Mythique, Ambre Eternel, Oud Essentiel, Musc Noble, and Patchouli Ardent from the years 2014 to 2021.

2 4 - Guerlain Épices Exquises: The Newest Addition to Les Absolus d'Orient

The bottle for Guerlain Épices Exquises follows the shape of the previous ones in the collection. However, the entire collection of Les Absolus d’Orient is revamped aesthetically: The newer editions are reissued in diaphanous glass, colored in the respective shade of the fragrances.

For Épices Exquises, it’s an inviting light brown. The outer box reprises the shade. The concentration is Eau de Parfum, offered at 125ml, available at select Guerlain stockists.

1 22 - Guerlain Épices Exquises: The Newest Addition to Les Absolus d'Orient

The spicy aromas of a cardamom coffee are revealed, the way it’s consumed in the Arabian peninsula, which seems to float with intoxicating, hot notes. The Guerlain mastery is on display.
The base is strong, hot and sensuous with black pepper and the woody triad of patchouli, oud (agarwood), and sandalwood, which combine with a high dose of aromatic cardamom, pink pepper, and green angelica to refresh the central chord.

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