In May 2022, the house of Dior launches Miss Dior Rose Essence from the iconic Miss Dior perfume line. The fragrance is a first-of-its-kind yearly limited edition infused with floral notes from the year’s seasonal harvest.

dior - Dior Miss Dior Rose Essence



Release Date:

In May 2022

Where to buy:

at Dior

The box is made of 100% environmentally friendly plant cellulose, and the pink paper covering the outer layer is made of recycled paper and kneaded into petal cellulose. The petal fibers come from the roses of May leftovers.

The perfume bottle body contains 25% eco friendly glass.

dior3 - Dior Miss Dior Rose Essence

Rosewater from the Grasse May rose is at the heart of the composition. Round and sweet, rosewater refreshes this composition with naturalness.

Miss Dior Rose Essence is described as the union between a floral freshness and a sensuality of woody notes of vetiver, patchouli, and guaiac wrapped up in the comfort of musks.

1111 - Dior Miss Dior Rose Essence

  • Top: geranium
  • Heart: May rose
  • Base: vetiver, patchouli, guaiac wood, musk

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