Lancome does gifting so expertly that I wonder whether Christmas was one of the things that inspired her to launch her brand. From cute trinkets, to lip kits and complete looks, to the ultimate Lancome fan’s Advent Calendar treasure trove. Lancome’s holiday range has been coveted among beauty fanatics, with waitlists amassing up to 40,000 shoppers.Lancome Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection has it all.

Official Release Date: 

Asia Launch Date – 27 November 2020 | U.S. Launch Date – October/ November 2020 at SEPHORALancomeULTANordstromSaksSelfridgesNet-a-PorterHarvey NicholsEscentualHarrods

Brand Description:

Rose Highlighter – Limited Edition

The highlighter will be the center of this collection but you get Smashbox vibes when you look at it.The easy-to-build shades play with the light beautifully no matter what color you like.Here is the line up!

The highlighter also appears in a limited edition package

2 5 - Lancome Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

La Rose Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

The 9 colors have a glittery and shiny finishes while the packaging is limited edition. Half of the palette contains reddish shades.

3 5 - Lancome Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick – Limited Edition

  •  C525 Crystal Sunset
  • C196 Crystal Flame.
  • R473 a ruby red
  • R274 a beige

4 4 - Lancome Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection5 3 - Lancome Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection


The series products are all sparkling colors, which are suitable for creating gorgeous party makeup.The surprise, joy, and beauty of holiday are expressed with glittering color items. Lancome wants to give you a pleasant experience.


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