At Jo Malone limited edition will soon be a new collection of fragrances Marmalade Collection. It will include five fragrances that will be available exclusively on the Internet. They are inspired by the British love of jam making and celebrate the fruity smells of the British pantry.

Jo Malone New Fragrances Marmalade Collection - Jo Malone New Fragrances Marmalade Collection 2021

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$74Available nowat Jo Malone

All the fragrances in the collection will be released in creamy white bottles with blue lettering, created on the basis of traditionally used jars for homemade jams, marmalade and jams.

To convey the vibrant aroma of summer fruits, they use fruits and berries such as rhubarb, rose, elderberry, blackberry and orange peel, which have been steam distilled to extract their completely natural flavor.

Jo Malone New Fragrances Marmalade Collection1 - Jo Malone New Fragrances Marmalade Collection 2021

The collection will include 5 fragrances:

  • Elderflower Cordial (new);
  • Tangy Rhubarb (new);
  • Rose Blush (new);
  • Orange Peel (new);
  • Blackberry & Bay (re-release).

Jo Malone New Fragrances Marmalade Collection2 - Jo Malone New Fragrances Marmalade Collection 2021

The new Jo Malone Marmalade Collection Elderflower Cordial is the epitome of powdery white elderberry petals plucked from a hedge on a cloudless morning. The soft powdery appeal of these tiny white flowers inspired a very British recipe. Its floral notes are complemented by hawthorn and blended with the astringency of summer green gooseberries. The fruity and tart gooseberry accord opens the aroma with a fresh spicy note. Elderberry sounds in the heart. This soft, rustic floral accord characterizes the fragrance with its charming tenderness. Dried fruits in the base bring a delicious syrupy note that envelops the aroma in a rich, rich haze.

The new Jo Malone Marmalade Collection Tangy Rhubarb has the unmistakable flavor of naughty rhubarb plucked from an overgrown garden. Its bright and showy stems fill a bustling kitchen. Rhubarb brings a characteristic heart to this eccentric scent, complemented by piquant orange and elegant cedarwood. The beginning with rhubarb is tart and green. The crunchy taste of rhubarb gives the aroma a bright and bold character. The orange in the heart is bittersweet, it permeates the aroma with its piquancy. Cedarwood, with its dry woody character, lends a charismatic intensity to the base.

The new Jo Malone Marmalade Collection Rose Blush celebrates delicate rose petals in delicious jelly. Vibrant basil and luscious lychee add a modern twist to this beautiful floral scent, wrapped in a soothing embrace of white musk. The aroma opens with Gran Vert basil. Its herbaceous warmth with a pungent undertone gives an unexpected twist to the fresh floral character of a rose that plays into the heart. When the scent unfolds, this luscious floral infusion with pure petals and honey facets envelops in a luxurious naturalness. White musk in the base – powdery and clean, enhances the sillage of the scent, giving it a long-lasting softness.

The new Jo Malone Marmalade Collection Orange Peel is inspired by marmalade. Marmalade making is one of the most common British traditions. Orange zest boils on the stove, its zesty aroma and bitterness tease the senses. Warm woods are mixed with orange to create an exquisite golden scent. Whimsical natural rhubarb adds seductive appeal to this fresh take on the classic marmalade. The top notes are orange peel. The Sinensal molecule, bitterly fresh and piquant, brings the flavor of marmalade zest and enhances the natural orange. In the heart there is a sparkling and fresh bigarade orange. It infuses the scent with zesty brightness, enhancing the texture of the orange peel. Cashmere wood in the base gives a sensually warm.

The new Jo Malone Marmalade Collection Blackberry & Bay is inspired by childhood memories of picking blackberries. Bright and green. The top note of blackberry gives the sensation of an instant, juicy burst. Natural blackcurrant buds add a fruity, slightly tart flavor, while the essence of the buchu tree conveys the lively, crisp green character of the blackberry leaves. The bay leaf heart note is based on the natural galbanum note. It gives the aroma a vegetal brightness and wonderful greenery. Cedarwood at the base, with its woody, dry character, lends dryness a charismatic intensity.

You can check out more information about Jo Malone by clicking the link below.

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