Dior just released their new primers, the Velvet Veil and the Glow Veil.

1 7 - Dior Forever Velvet Veil and Glow Veil Primers


$50 each

Release Date:

Available now

Where to buy:

at Dior.com

Concentrated in floral skincare and hyaluronic acid, Dior Forever Glow Veil boosts radiance and delivers 24h* of intense hydration for skin that is more beautiful day after day.


Fine and lightweight, this mattifying primer lets the skin breathe and gives a natural, matte, shine-free makeup finish from morning to night.

The first step in a matte complexion routine, it prepares the skin for foundation application and prolongs makeup wear.

1 8 - Dior Forever Velvet Veil and Glow Veil Primers


The 1st step in the Dior Forever complexion routine, this primer is applied before foundation and gives makeup a heightened glow.

2 4 - Dior Forever Velvet Veil and Glow Veil Primers

Concentrated in floral skincare and hyaluronic acid, Dior Forever Glow Veil provides a radiance boost and 24h* of intense hydration for skin that is more beautiful day after day.

Dior Forever Glow Veil makes skin look more beautiful after just one month of use while enhancing the radiance of makeup instantly.

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