MAC have dropped a surprise palette; the MAC Grand Spectacle Eye Shadow Palette. If you want to know more, please read this article.



Release Date:

Available now

Where to buy:

at QVCSaksDillard’s


The MAC Grand Spectacle Eye Shadow Palette has cardboard packaging, and features 25 amazing eyeshadows in a mixture of finishes. It comes in a silver foil box with the raised silver glitter firework design which features across their whole Frosted Firework holiday collection.

Contents and pictures:

  • Carbon – Matte black (Matte)
  • Flurry Up – Electric metallic blue (Frost)
  • I Like 2 Watch – Green grey with silver/green pearl (Dazzleshadow)
  • Stone Cold Fox – Metallic silver (Dazzleshadow)
  • Pretty Jazzed – Milky light pink with silver pearl (Velvet)
  • Pleasing to the Eye – Dusty beige rose (Matte)
  • Flash Freeze – Deep navy blue with pearl (Lustre)
  • Where There’s Smoke… – Charcoal grey (Matte)
  • Cherry Topped – Fuchsia pink (Frost)
  • Wedge – Soft muted beige taupe (Matte)
  • Gold Front – Light sparkly yellow gold (Dazzleshadow)
  • Ready, Set, Fuego – Metallic smokeyred (Frost)
  • Dance In The Dark – Ashy dark brown (Matte)
  • Frozen Assets – Intense bronze (Dazzleshadow)
  • I’m Into It – Dark red brown (Matte)
  • Creative Copper – Metallic copper (Lustre)
  • Oh So Gilty – Yellow gold (Dazzleshadow)
  • Last Dance – Peach beige with pink sparkles (Dazzleshadow)
  • Nutcracker – Pink with blue pearl (Dazzleshadow)
  • Naval – Matte true navy (Veluxe)
  • Swing Out – True violet (Satin)
  • Numb And Numb-er – Baby blue with silver pearl (Frost)
  • S’more Please – Metallic chocolate brown (Frost)
  • Special Snowflake – Bright pearly white (Frost)
  • Polar Opposite – Dark purple with pink pearl (Dazzleshadow)

4C0QQFO NJZG0FZT7YG03Y - MAC Grand Spectacle Eye Shadow Palette8I3G41@G8JT0BM704J - MAC Grand Spectacle Eye Shadow Palette


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