L ‘Oreal is about to launch a new basic product; L ‘Oreal permanent fresh ground foundation, add permanent fresh ground foundation for 24H. Check out more details about the release below!



Release Date:

Available now

Where to buy:

at Ulta 


L ‘Oreal Permanent Preservation Powder is described as a liquid permanent foundation formulated in 12 “medium” shades. It can completely cover the face within 24 hours without drying or fading. L ‘Oreal’s Perpetual Freshening Foundation has a matte finish that keeps the skin fresh after hours, and is waterproof, sweat-proof and heat-proof. Color remains true throughout the day without drying or fading. Matte finish for up to 24H and suitable for all skin types, oily skin and acne-prone skin.

Contents and pictures:

  • 5 Pearl
  • 10 Porcelain
  • 20 Ivory
  • 120 Vanilla
  • 125 Ivory Buff
  • 130 True Beige
  • 140 Golden Beige
  • 180 Linen
  • 220 Sand
  • 245 Radiant Honey
  • 250 Radiant Sand
  • 260 Golden Sun
  • 330 Hazelnut
  • 355 Copper
  • 365 Sienna
  • 375 Deep Amber

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