It’s the new collection released in celebration of Kim Kardashian West’s 40th birthday – it’s the Opalescent Collection. Check out more details about the release below!


The products range in price from $12 to $250

Release Date:

Available now

Where to buy:

at KKW Beauty


The Complete Opalescent Collection includes a 10-Pan Pressed Powder Palette, 8 Semi Matte Liquid Lipsticks, 2 lip liners in brand new vibrant shades of pink and orange, and a new Opalescent gloss shade. The semi-matte liquid lipsticks come in eight shades ranging from nude to pink. They feature names including Birthday Suit, Classic Kim, Birthday Gift, Unwrapped, HBD, After Party, Surprise Party and Birthday Kiss.

Contents and pictures:

  • The Opalescent Pressed Powder Palette $45
  • Semi-Mayte Liquid Lipstick $22 / bundle $166
  • Birthstone #Gloss $20
  • Opalescent Lip Liner $12
  • Opalescent Lip Duo $32
  • Full Collection $250

6 2 - KKW Beauty The Opalescent Collection 2020

444 - KKW Beauty The Opalescent Collection 20205555 - KKW Beauty The Opalescent Collection 20206666 - KKW Beauty The Opalescent Collection 2020

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