Elizabeth Arden Capsules - Elizabeth Arden Capsules


More than ten years of popular best-selling products, can effectively repair and maintain, prevent the years left traces on the face. Continuous use can significantly reduce wrinkles and improve skin quality, leaving skin looking younger and feeling unmatched comfort and tenderness. Spend seven days feeling the difference in Arden.

The advanced new generation time capsule, Arden’s flagship product, is known by the industry as the time blocker, which can resist the obvious aging phenomenon. As long as the short seven days, fine lines and fine lines on the face significantly reduced! Your skin will be softer and more tender. And so beautiful, warm embellish experience, by no means general emulsion or make up water can be accomplished.


This product does not contain any natural ingredients such as fragrances. It can naturally care for sensitive skin.

Rich in molecular nails, vitamin E & F, vitamins. It is preservative-free and delivers the most pure and effective skin care ingredients to the deep layer of the skin, helping the skin resist free radicals, strengthening moistening, preventing aging, leaving the skin soft and delicate.

How to use

Apply the toner after cleansing, gently rotate the prominent part of the capsule with your hand, and the mouth of the capsule will be broken after the positive turn and reverse turn. At this time, take a little essence with your fingers and smear it on your face and massage it gently until it is absorbed. Then apply the emulsion or cream!

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